Dr Parameswaran Pillai

MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia), FRCA (UK)

Dr Parameswaran Pillai is a medically trained doctor and has undertaken speciality training in anaesthesia. After obtaining primary medical degree and completing 4 years of training in anaesthesia he obtained a MD in Anaesthesia from P.G.I .M.E. R (Chandigarh, India). Thereafter Dr Pillai moved to the UK for further speciality training in anaesthesia and was accepted to the Royal College of Anaesthetists (UK) 5 year training program. This training was undertaken at the Addenbrookes Hospital (Cambridge) and its affiliates including Papworth Cardiac Centre. At the end of his training, he came to the Austin Health (Melbourne) and worked for 2 years with further training in Anaesthesia for Cardiac Surgery and Liver transplantation.

Dr Pillai currently works as a Staff Specialist in Anaesthesia at the Austin Health where he provides elective and emergency anaesthesia for complex patients scheduled for surgery in a variety of subspecialties including cardiac surgery, liver transplantation, hepatobiliary surgery, neurosurgery, and thoracic surgery among others. Dr Pillai is currently the Co- ordinator of Quality Assurance activities at the department of Anaesthesia, Austin Health.

In private practice, Dr Pillai works predominantly at Epworth Eastern Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Warringal Private Hospital providing anaesthesia for Cardiac Surgery, Cath Lab Procedures, hepatobiliary surgery, plastic surgery and other surgical procedures.